Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Stufessional Sacrifice

The sentiment that resonates from the end of last week until this very moment is sacrifice. I made some sacrifices last week that, ultimately, caused me to tip the scales in one direction. After reading the two previous posts, I see that other stufessionals agree that it is difficult to accomplish “it all,” but it is more important to be present. When you are present, you feel, understand and appreciate the things that matter, as opposed to just doing and existing. The flip side of that is the possibility of not getting “it all” done.

Last week was difficult. Working on "The Hill," I encountered so many challenges – none of which I can discuss on this blog or at all. Needless to say, at the beginning of the week; I was totally out of balance. I did not work out. I had succumbed to my guiltiest pleasure and kryptonite, chocolate, and I had not done any of my homework. On top of all of that, I found myself sinking into the abyss of work, work, and more work… By Friday, I was completely wiped out, but I stayed up all night to read and do my school assignments. On Saturday morning, I was starting to unravel at the seams from sheer exhaustion. On my ride to class, I started to ask myself some difficult questions.

After arriving 12 minutes late to class, I took my seat and began to feel at ease with my decision to struggle against exhaustion. At some point during the day, one of my classmates, Misha, inquired how I was doing. She must have sensed how tired I was. When I said that I was tired, Misha replied, “You are always tired. You cannot be on top of some things and totally neglect sleep.” At that moment, I was reminded of the unfair sacrifice that I was making. I was giving to my job and sacrificing my sleep. I was also working on class assignments and sacrificing sleep.

Leaving class, I felt a bit overwhelmed from the class exchange and the amount of assignments that were due the following week. I decided to make one more sacrifice; this time it would be for me. Instead of doing class work, I spent the entire evening relaxing and went to bed early. Feeling almost refreshed from a restful evening, on Sunday I enjoyed catching up with my mother and girlfriends. I felt ready for the start of the week.

It was a good thing that I had recharged on Sunday because Monday morning met me with more “Hill” challenges. Knowing that I needed to balance work, school, family, self, etc.; I made a compromise. Before the days of not exercising became weeks and then months, I committed to working out on Tuesday morning. After work, I called my mother to see how she was doing, and then I focused on my homework. Spreading myself almost too thin again, I implemented a deadline for my studies; after which, I shared a peaceful dinner with my significant other. I felt proud of myself. I managed to fit “it all in”; plus, I got to bed early. The unfortunate sacrifice was that I did not get to post on the Stufessional Blog yesterday, and I did not get to my workout.

Today, I was able to exercise, eat a good meal, and take a minute to post on this blog. I realize that something might be sacrificed today and every day for that matter in order to accomplish this stufessional thing with some semblance of balance. I will not continue to sacrifice myself – well, not intentionally. Otherwise, what is the point of it all?

- Shrita





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