Monday, November 10, 2008


Early Sunday morning I fell off my bicycle. I broke three teeth, split my lip, and found myself in the emergency room wondering what I could have done to avoid tragedy. The answer was simple; I could have done nothing.

A stufessional is someone who takes control of their life. A stufessional believes that they are the architect of their own destiny. A stufessional is typically in competition with the self more than others.

When I fell from my bicycle, I shuddered. While wondering how I would get treatment and navigate my insurance policy, I held more concern with how quickly I would get back into the saddle. An accident is a setback to a stufessional's entire sense of being. Stufessionals are doers. Not doing, especially following an accident, is a tremendously humbling experience.

An accident reminds a stufessional of how truly driven they are. An accident gives pause and, even in state of discomfort, time to honor one's achievements. Yes, it is sad that such a violent disruption of routine garners reflection, but it illustrates my point -- stufessionals do not dwell on what could happened differently. Their focus is on tomorrow with lessons learned from yesterday. Setbacks, even painful ones, remind stufessionals of their greatness.

- Jared


Susan said...

Jared--I'm so sorry about your accident! I hope you're able to take a little time off somehow. We all could probably stand a little slowdown. Stufessionals are supermen and superwomen!

The Stufessionals said...

Jared, I hope you are feeling somewhat better and I'm sorry to hear about your accident. What you said really makes me think about my own priorities so thanks for that.