Monday, December 1, 2008


My belly is as big as my head. Sure, you'll snicker at that comment, but know that it's the truth. See, when the holidays roll around many Americans look forward to the opportunity to connect with family, engage in spirited past-times, and above all, eat good food. While the stufessional craves the same, and by no means in short-order, the stufessional must also continue the professional/personal balance to maximize their time effectively.

The holidays reserve time away from work to enjoy a short respite. This time is critical for stufessionals who can capitalize on getting their school work done, and in some cases, get ahead in their work.

Such an effort does not come with chagrin, for the holidays are characteristically a time to rejoice in the wealth of one's social and familial circle. It is a big bummer to have to pull oneself away from festivities to pound out a paper.

Thus, having played teeter-totter over Thanksgiving, I offer several points for the future for all stufessionals:

1) GET 'EM DONE: Procrastination will bring down a nation, as I like to say. I don't really, I just like sounding verbose once in a while. Don't wait until the last minute to get the work done. This is common sense, but moreover, get the work done as early as possible. Think of the Christmas ham or Thanksgiving bird as your reward. Celebrate the holidays at the same time as you celebrate the completion of your school work.

2) STAY FOCUSED: It is so tempting to pick and choose which events to be part of. Maybe you'll have dinner with friends here, check out a movie with family there, see your college buddies at the pub elsewhere - but it all adds up to a Swiss cheese schedule. Knowing myself, I find it very difficult to go in and out of work mode. Fun is a drug, which undoubtedly leads to more fun. Stay focused and get your work done to have fun later on.

3) LEAVE THE LAST DAY TO YOURSELF: Regardless of your balance between school work and holiday bliss, make sure to leave the day before you return to the office for yourself. It is good to decompress following the seasonal extravaganzas. Get ready to shift gears again and jump back into your work clothes.

Those are just a few suggestions of mine from personal experience. I would love to hear what you think. Perhaps you can expand on what I've offered as solutions to this time management issue.

- Jared